Cookie Policy

A cookie is small file placed on a computer's hard drive that allows a website to recognize that computer each time someone uses it to visit that site. It contains information about preferences for using the site that have been established by someone using that computer. Cookies may also be used to keep track of the pages looked at during a visit as well as the path taken to those pages.

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Our website sometimes uses cookies to track how our visitors move through the website. We use this information to make decisions about ways to improve the services we offer online. Just as cities and counties monitor street and highway traffic to make decisions about which roads need to be wider or which intersections need stop lights, we analyse our website traffic to decide which areas of the site need attention as we strive to continually make improvements.

When you use our website, you agree that we can place essential cookies, functionality cookies and performance cookies on your device. We explain below what each of these types of cookie do.

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The cookies we use don't include any information about your personal identity or your accounts. Simply accepting cookies from our website does not compromise the security of your account. We don't display any of your account information on this website.

Essential cookies

Some of the cookies used on our website are essential for parts of the website to operate and have already been set.  These cookies allow us to recognise you within our website, for example they remember the pages you visit within that browsing session. These cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

Performance cookies

Our website uses performance cookies to help us improve how our website works. The cookies collect information about how you use our website, for instance which pages you go to most often, the time you spend on a page and if you get error messages from a page. These cookies expire around 5 years after being set.

Functionality cookies

Our website uses functionality cookies to remember the choices you make. These cookies are crucial to processing information relevant to your investor type while you use the website. When you select your investor type when entering the site, such as Retail, Professional or Institutional, a permanent cookie is set that stays on your computer's hard drive even after you leave the site. It allows us to automatically show content appropriate to your investor type whenever you visit using this computer. This cookie expires 10 years after it is set.



Your browser must accept the essential session cookies described above to use all of the features offered on this website. You may also delete and block other cookies from our website, but if you do so parts of the site may not work.

For instructions on how to accept or reject cookies, consult your browser's 'Help' section. Most recent browsers provide the flexibility to reject all cookies, accept all cookies, or accept cookies only from websites you trust. You'll also find instructions on how to delete any cookies that already exist on your computer. If your current browser doesn't provide the flexibility you want in setting preferences for cookies, consider downloading a more recent version.